4-in-1 SFOC Bundle


4-in-1 SFOC Bundle


-Include (3) site specific SFOC applications and (1) standing SFOC application.

-Quick turnaround, typically around 48 hours depending on complexity of operation.

-Includes completed National SFOC form, Operations Manual, UAV Manual(s), Maintenance Procedures/Schedule and More!

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Frustrated with the Transport Canada SFOC process? Tired of going through endless paperwork and application forms? With close to a decade of aerial imaging experience and multiple standing SFOCs ourselves we have the experience and knowledge you need to submit your SFOC application to Transport Canada.

Complete SFOC Application Service

We provide a full set of documents that Transport Canada typically requires the operator to have for an SFOC submission including:

1. Operations Manual: This document includes all the standard operating procedures (SOPs), safety & emergencies plans, checklists, log templates, and related documents. This is basically your core processes and procedures for operating a UAV within the requirements Transport Canada has put in place. We base this off of existing proven SFOC documents and are continuously tweaking and modifying it based off of new information and feedback from various regions.

2. UAV Manual: This document is specific to the UAV(s) you use and outlines the technical specifications, flight parameters, repair and maintenance procedures/schedules as per the needs of Transport Canada.

3. SFOC Application: Main application document which outlines the specifics of the purpose, location, dates, airspace, maps, etc for the operation. This makes reference to the other documents above.

4. National SFOC Form: Transport Canada now has a National SFOC form that is used across all regions.  This form makes reference to the other documents, which contain the mandatory information now required for applications.

Once the document set is complete and tailored to your specific application you will review the material on your end, (provided in Word or PDF format), and submit to your specific TC region, which is done via email. We will provide a template for the email message and the proper email address it should be sent to. (Unfortunately we cannot submit your SFOC to Transport Canada on your behalf).



Please have the following information ready prior to purchasing (you will be required to fill out a form on checkout so that we can start your application promptly):

▪ Full name and address and contact number of the person/company that will be named in the application.  For companies, a proof of incorporation will be required as well.

Full name and bios with any relative experience of all crew members and what their role will be such as pilot, observer, ground crew, etc. Operations Manager, Pilot, and Observer must be named with their contact (cell) info.
Bios should include both UAV specific knowledge and training, as well as more general education and work experience, as well as any safety & related certificates.

▪ Details of the region you want to operate within, preferrably with a Google Map screenshot of the boundaries. Please also include if you need both day and night operations and if you need controlled and uncontrolled airspace areas.  If you are unsure of the details we will assist to define the area for a given street address.

▪ Details on the purpose of the operation, eg. video for real estate, aerial mapping, inspections, search & rescue etc.

▪ Dates and times you want to perform the operation.  Typically a date range can be provided with backup or alternate dates to allow for weather or last minute scheduling issues.

▪ List of the UAV make, model, and serial numbers that will be used.  Serial numbers are now required as part of the national form issued by Transport Canada.

▪ Copy of the UAV insurance policy; proof of coverage is mandatory under the new national form. Your insurance policy should list the serial numbers of the UAVs that are being used for the operation.

Items of note:

-The application process can vary somewhat from person to person and region to region based on the specifics of your operation, your past experience, drones/UAVS being deployed and the Transport Canada inspector that reviews it.

-If an application is returned for further information we will continue to help with addressing any issues as part of the cost of SFOC application service. Generally Transport Canada is very helpful and happy to help those just getting started by answering any questions you may have as they like to see operators fly missions legally.

-For most regions, Transport Canada generally would like to see 3 location/date specific one-off SFOCs before you can apply for a region-wide Standing SFOC that runs up to a year (first Standing SFOC is typically 6 months).  We include all of these applications in the service for the one fee.  If you provide 3 locations & dates (could be the same location for each date) we can put all of these together at once along with the Standing application once your others have been approved.

-You will also need to ensure you cover all the knowledge requirements that Transport Canada expects. There is no official course or exam provided by Transport Canada at this time. There are however a number of companies providing in-person and online courses on this for those that don’t have aviation experience. (eg: PilotTraining.ca, www.ccuvs.com/services/training/).

-For restricted airspace you will most likely require a ROC-A (Radio Operators Certificate Aeronautical) along with a ground to air radio to monitor local air traffic. If you have a ROC-A please submit it with your other documents. 

-We can typically have your documents complete within 48 hours from submission (depending on the complexity and scope of the operation). If you require a faster turnaround time please contact us and we may be able to accomodate.