We are a team that has been passionate about aerial imaging since the very beginning. One of our first forays into aerial photography was strapping a small GoPro action camera to a radio-controlled sport helicopter. 

At the time we were shooting blind, and simply set the camera to take a photo every few seconds. After loading those first images onto a computer we were hooked. We have been shooting using radio controlled helicopters, custom built UAVs, and full sized planes and helicopters ever since. 

We have a standing SFOC in place with Transport Canada for our UAV operations, and due to our continued commitment to safety we are also approved for night-time and Search & Rescue operations.

We use top of the line aerial platforms, state-of-the-art cameras from manufacturers such as Canon and Hasselblad, and only the best post processing software to make your project look the way it should.

Over the years we have amassed a tremendous amount of experience and worked with a wide variety of clientele on a vast number of projects across Canada and the USA

Our team is made up of professional photographers, pilots, and UAV techs that have the experience you need to complete your project right the first time

Whether you are looking for an updated farm or acreage photo, a custom wall mural, or high resolution aerial imagery for a construction site report we have the expertise you need to complete your next project promptly and professionally. 

We would love to work with you on your next project. Feel free to reach out via our contact page here or browse through some of our recent projects on our Portfolio page.